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AC Violator
The Resurrection of AC Violator

From the ashes of drudgery, AC Violator rose like a pheonix when he turned his back on a successful career in mainstream music to pursue his darkest desires. He signed to Dolph Hamster Music, an independent label without the puppeteer's strings, which gave him the freedom to create. Experimenting with sound and scale has led to his current form, a larger-than-life behemoth which stems from the sounds of the Nineteen Eighties. He began this quest with his anthemic 'Psychic Vampyr', a tune which became the cornerstone of his sound. Later he worked on the compilation album 'Dolph Does The 80's', and here discovered a niché which has been left untapped for decades. He hid away to write, and with quill and ink he filled his parchment. The songs flowed like poetry from his blood-stained fingers. What began with a tortured man has become a beast that knows no bounds. To unleash his musical presence of epic proportion, with choirs and orchestration, is to know that this is so much more than a voice whispering into the dark.

Here ends the last will and testament of AC Violator.